Friday, June 1, 2012

Weekend at Camp

So, as I mentioned last week, I spent Memorial Day weekend volunteering to do clean up work at the summer camp I went to as a kid and worked at in college. It was a great reunion of about two dozen former campers and counselors. We sang song, told stories, and did tons of big cleaning projects to get the place ready for camp this summer. The weather had high points and low ones, and we were pretty busy, but I had the chance to take a few pictures I thought I would share with you.

The first evening we were there was a little bit cloudy.
Even without sunshine, this is still one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Luckily, on the second day the sun came out!
Look at that glow!
And this shimmer!
It was an awesome weekend! I was so lucky to have the chance to help take care of the place that made such an important impact on my life and to get to spend the weekend there. Hope to do it again next year!

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