Monday, June 25, 2012

Dusk 'til Dawn

I know I've posted on this blog before about my love of Marc Ecko's Red handbags. I really like the fabric, which is faux leather with a very soft texture that isn't at all sticky. I first experienced this awesomeness with this bag:
This is a the teal Nip Tucked hobo. I bought it in 2009 and have carried it faithfully during the colder months since then. It's super comfortable to have on your shoulder while you're shopping. The fabric makes it heavy enough it's not always threatening to fall off - which I have found to be the thing that separates expensive bags from cheaper ones. (The one strap design also helps in this regard.) As you might guess, the time has come to replace this bag.

Here's a close up of the problem:
I know this bag is pretty casual, and for me, that's perfect. But I think this tassel has sort of crossed the line from casual to messy, which is a problem.

So, imagine my delighted surprise when I ran across this gem at TJ Maxx last week!
Meet the Dusk til Dawn hobo! Here's a slightly closer view:
I'm very excited about it. I was getting nervous that I wouldn't find anything to replace the sad Nip Tucked by the time next fall rolled around. I was so happy with that bag, I knew I wanted to replace it with something very similar.

I was even more excited when I discovered the standard little surprise in the zippered interior pocket!
It's the tiniest little envelope you ever did see, containing this note!
Enjoy? I think I will!

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