Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet! I started writing this blog in early 2012 to chronicle my crafts, projects, and other adventures. Enjoy!

I am a twenty-something girl living in Minneapolis. I grew up in a suburb of St. Paul and then went away to college at St. Olaf in Northfield, Minnesota. While I was a student there, I had the chance to study abroad for one semester in southern Norway and another semester in western France. I also got to work as a counselor at the summer camp I'd gone to as a kid for several years. (Since it's my happy place, it's pictured below.) After college, I moved to Minneapolis where I attended grad school. I finished in May, 2009 and have been working at my first "grown up" job since later that year.

I love my family, my friends, and my apartment! I also enjoy crafts, especially knitting, crochet and jewelry making. I enjoy reading, music, and movies. I'm lucky to be able to share these interests with you here on this blog! Thanks for checking it out!

If you have any comments, feel free to e-mail me at marvelousminnie@gmail.com! 

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