Friday, June 29, 2012

The Baby Hat

So, as you might remember, I've been working on learning to knit with double-pointed needles. They are best for knitting "tubes," which is the shape you'd use to make a sock, a sleeve, or... a HAT! That was what I was most excited to do, and I decided to start with a little tiny one.
Here it is in progress:
I had some difficulty finding a good pattern to use. It was my intention to make a hat for a newborn, though I found conflicting information during my internet research about what size would be appropriate for a baby of that age. I decided to just go for it and use the yarn above (which is left over from the Labor of Love blanket) to just make a sample.
 Here's the finished product. I was able to test it out on Baby M when I saw her recently. She's 6 months old and the hat is a little small. I measured it at 16" around is probably a little bit for a newborn, but a little small for a 6 month old.

I had initially thought that the real question was how large the hat should be. But, I recognized another problem. The pattern I used didn't have clear instructions for finishing the top, so I tried my best to make it up as I went along. This is the result:
Um.... yeah. For a baby, it might work. Something tells me that when your age is measured in months, you can get away with some otherwise-questionable fashion choices. And Baby M's mom, Ginny, was very generous in her comments about it. Here's another shot of the weirdness:
I'm a little bummed because my plan was to make a baby hat as a precursor to making an adult hat. No adult would ever wear a hat that looks like this. I've got some ideas for how to make it better, and I think I'll need to do some more research. I'll be sure to pass along the next draft!

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