Monday, June 4, 2012

Crafts Direct

Over Memorial Day weekend, I had the chance to visit what might be considered Mecca in Minnesota, at least for some people: Crafts Direct. This is a craft shop near St. Cloud that brags about having a huge selection of different kinds of crafting supplies. While most of you out there know that I frequently visit both Michaels and JoAnns, I figured it would be fun to check out something a little bit different. While I was on my way back to the Twin Cities after my weekend summer camp adventure, I decided to make a stop.
Check out these faux facades on the front of their building! What a cute idea, though I'm glad they're just for decoration. In case you can't read them well, the different signs read : Quilt Shop, Coffee Shop, Wood and Paint Shop, Scrapbook Shop, Seasonal Shop and Floral Shop.

I spent quite a bit of time just wandering around the store to get my bearings. My feet hurt a little bit, but it worked out well because I could hear some early summer thunderstorms kicking up outside. Here are some of the inspiring things I saw:
Without a doubt, the most impressive thing I saw was the selection of scrapbook paper. WOW! There were two long aisles that had racks like this on each side. It was truly extraordinary. I suppose I should look for some other scrapbooking supply businesses in the Twin Cities - I seriously didn't even know this variety of scrapbook paper existed!
Here's a display of some home decor items. While the craft supplies were generally arranged in long rows, the home decor was in smaller, square rooms like this along the front of the store. What a good idea! I think I get a better idea of how these things will look at home in an environment with a little less bright white light. I love the farmhouse look here!
Mmmmm - jewelry! This bead selection is beautiful, though not as large as I was expecting. I definitely wouldn't make the trip up for beads alone, though I was impressed by the selection of findings and charms.

Oh yes, and don't forget the yarn! The selection was quite good and included both colors and brands that I don't typically find at my local craft stores. I might have to make a trip back in the winter because it's awfully hard to shop for yarn when the weather is warm and humid.

I picked up quite a number of different craft supplies during my stop at Crafts Direct. While I suppose I could share that all with you right now, it seems to me that it will be more fun to show off the supplies once the projects are made. Stay tuned!

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