Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Bird and the Birdcage

So, while there were too many beautiful things at Homegoods to bring them all home, there were a couple of things I bought and wanted to share with you.

First, "The Bird."
I found this cool little table made of metal with a glass top covering this image. It was a little bit dusty, but a little Sparkle (glass cleaner) and Goo Gone shined it right up.
Here it is in its new home. I was looking for a table to set next to the chair to hold drinks or books or whatever.
Here's the profile view so you can get an idea of how the heights compare. I'm particularly proud of just how well it fits in this spot especially since I didn't measure the space before shopping and or the table before bringing it home. Even still, I think it looks just right!

Second, "The Birdcage."
For a while now, I have been looking for a way to organize my dangly earrings. They have been getting tangled up with one another (and with other stuff) in the flat storage I have in my bedroom. I realized they should be hanging so they could be separated and so I could more easily see what I have. Then, I stumbled upon the Birdcage.
Here it is, hanging in its new home:
I know it looks a little strange on the hot pink command hook, but I had a set of four and three are already hanging just around the corner from this spot where I can hang some clothes.
Here it is all decked out. It's not entirely full yet, which is good! I'm sure the collection will continue to grow.
And finally, here's a close-up of the earrings. I hadn't realized just how great they were going to look all on display together. I've also done some testing since I took this photo and discovered that, with at least some of them, I could slip the whole pair into the same hole. There are tons of possibilities!

I hope you've enjoyed a quick look at the Bird and the Birdcage!

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