Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Homegoods Shopping Trip

Last week, I had the chance to stop into Homegoods since I was traveling for work and had some free time on my way home one afternoon. They had lots of lovely things I wanted to show you!

Look at this adorable casserole! It maybe matches my dining room too well (as I'm pretty sure this pattern would camouflage it with my curtains), but I still think it's awesome.

They had lots of storage baskets, including these two. I really like the way these otherwise plain and traditional wire baskets are reimagined in great bright colors.

And though this one completely clashes with the two above, this is great. I like the preppy look with the bright splash of kelly green interior.

This display was familiar to me and might be to you also. I have something very similar to that on the middle shelf on the left side, which I picked up at Homegoods a while ago for craft storage.

Love these blue lamps!

This lamp is also so very cool!

I like this blue Greek key picture frame too.

I love this one too. I think this frame would be perfect for a black and white wedding photo, or a family picture on a camping trip.

Check out this pillow covered with postage stamps. I like it a lot, especially the way the red and blue stamps stand out against the neutral background.

This is maybe the same idea in a bolder, more streamlined style. I love how it says hello and good bye (in French) on the same surface.

And finally, here we have some gold "bamboo" tables with glass tops. Although their style wouldn't really work in my apartment, I couldn't help but notice them!

That sums up all of the neat things I saw during my visit to Homegoods. Stay tuned until tomorrow when I'll reveal the things I actually bought when I was there!

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