Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day by marvelousminnie featuring platform shoes

 I suppose I could tell you that Father's Day with my family last weekend was like this polyvore set. It wasn't! I love Polyvore and pretending to be fancy, but it is merely pretending, especially when my family is involved. We did have  great day, though, and I wanted to share a few details with you. 

My dad decided that he wanted a couple of books for Father's Day, and the only other thing he said we could get him was a fishing vest, which he wanted to use to store little parts and other stuff while doing projects at work and at home. My dad has probably not been fishing more than once or twice in my entire life, so I was definitely not excited when I discovered that the new trend in fishing vests is to make them also life jackets. Yikes. So, by the time Father's Day morning rolled around, I had one book to give as a gift. I called my mom to find out what she wanted to do because I was pretty bummed out. I know there are families out there where one gift is the custom. My family isn't one of them, and it felt especially bad because I had a list and tried hard to find the things on it but failed. 

So, Mom decided on Sunday morning that we'd better have brunch (in addition to the planned special dinner) to try to make the day a little better. I offered to bring fruit salad, and then as soon as Mom and I hung up the phone, I scooted over to the grocery store and picked up the ingredients. 

. Apples and bananas...
 with Mandarin oranges...

While I was at the grocery store, I also picked up one more surprise for Dad: 
 And with the fruit salad made and the presents all wrapped up, it was time to go and enjoy the day! 

Mom made brunch, we went to see Rock of Ages, and then took Dad to his favorite burger joint (Fuddruckers) for dinner. It was a great day! 

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