Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I've just made a breaktrhough in my knitting: I'm now working with DPNs, also known as double-pointed needles. Most knitting needles have a sharp end (not too sharp!) and then an end that's covered with a permanent cap. This is what keeps the knitted work from sliding off the back end. Double pointed needles are designed without the cap, so both ends are "sharp" - and the specific purpose is so that the work can slide off the back end when you're trying to knit something round.

I've actually owned the DPNs for quite a while, though it's taken me some time to get up the gumption to actually learn how to do it.

Um, OMG. This is feeling like a disaster!

I then did some google mania on my phone and found a great resource over at Purl Bee. They might want to consider calling their page "No More Tears," because I seriously was very close to giving up completely when I stumbled upon it. Following their directions got 'er done!
Yes! Yes! Yes! It's a circle. And there's proof! I decided to just focus on making a tube just to test things out. I'm looking forward to making hats, bags and socks eventually. But here's what I'll call the first draft:
Here's one shot of the tube standing on end.
And another of it folded flat and laying down. Doesn't it look like the top of a kids' sock? I know it's not much, and it's definitely not something useful, but I'm super proud. This project also gave me the chance to see just how neat it is to knit with DPNs. They feel different than regular needles and they move in a different way, with the hinges in the triangle flexing from time to time. If you're out there, waiting nervously like I was, check out the Purl Bee and take it away!

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