Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More fancy bracelets...

A while ago, I wrote a post about making some dressy bracelets to wear to work. I liked the ones I made before, but I realized I wanted something with a little more black in it. I wear black pants usually four days of each work week, with gray pants (and black shoes) on the fifth day. I knew that a bracelet featuring black would fit right in with the rest of the wardrobe!
I found these cool beads after I'd started searching for something black and simple. They're just about the plainest beads you could ever imagine. But, I knew that once I matched them up with the other beads in the jewelry-making arsenal, they'd be dressed up in a hurry.

I started with this one: a black bead and a "crystal" seed bead (so called because they have a multi-colored shine rather than just a flat, clear surface).
I also decided to make one featuring larger, faceted, "crystal" beads and some silver spacers. This is what I got:

Here's a shot of the pair:

I'm especially pleased with these because I think they will match nicely with the other two I made before. Now I have a set of four that I can mix and match. Here's the inaugural attempt!

They fit great and look good. Definitely a success!

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