Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I've just crossed the threshold and decided to start trying my hands at embroidery! This might not surprise you, given my other crafts. For me, it was sort of a big thing because I've seen "sewing" as my mom's thing. I know this isn't exactly sewing - and of course, my mom would describe her hobby as "quilting" which is completely different from :"sewing." But, in any case, I'm moving closer than I had expected to the art of using a little tiny needle.

What is this? Nothing really, except my first attempts at embroidery. This is pretty good!

I had decided to learn to do embroidery to do a certain project, which I'll be revealing hopefully soon! As much as it was fun to practice my stitches with cute floss I selected and a plain white bandana, I realized I needed some practice at making my stitches follow a pattern. I drew myself this image for practice:
I just used a highlighter to draw an outline and then got started stitchin'!
This little sampler let me practice the three stitches I'll need for my goal project: the chain stitch, the back stitch and the stem stitch. I'm using the modified stem stitch described by Wild Olive, and I'll probably have to use the modified version in my final project as well. Also, if you're looking to get into embroidery, I would highly recommend other posts on Wild Olive's site. I would also suggest that you learn how to use a needle threader, which has been an absolute saving grace for me.Actually, if you even want to do random sewing/repair type projects, you should still use a needle threader. They're the best!

I decided I wanted to practice just a touch more.

And, to complete my practice, I decided to attempt my blogmonogram!
I hope you like it. I sure do! Stay tuned for future embroidery projects!

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