Thursday, July 12, 2012


So, my trip to Hunt and Gather last week provided me with supplies for one final project. While I was hunting for playing cards and matchbooks, I stumbled upon a number of other interesting little things:

For a while, I've had a message board at home that I haven't hung because I didn't have anything to cover it with. Ta da! Once I found these interesting decorations, I decided I should hang the board. I decided to hang the board in my hall bathroom. Here's a sense of what it looks like:

So, I decided to hang the message board on the wall essentially behind the door, where it would be safely away from any water spray!

The board is covered with the letters of the alphabet in different colors and typefaces. Here it is, covered with all of my interesting finds!

Its a crazy mix, but each of these things means something to me: some Mille Bornes cards recalling my good old days playing and teaching the game at summer camp, mini playing cards reading 2 and 7, my birthday and lucky number, a little card featuring Longfellow, who, along with his characters Hiawatha and Nokomis, lends his name to a Minneapolis neighborhood, labels from French wine and Danish candy, a card with details about Harry Truman, the only U.S. president whose library I've visited, a quarter roll wrapper, and a few other little things. This project was tons of fun to put together and hopefully will be great to look at for a long time!

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