Monday, July 16, 2012

Sign Language

As you can probably tell if you've spent much time reading this blog, I'm a pretty devoted Target shopper. I think, when you grow up in the Twin Cities, it's hard not to be. For most of my childhood, my mom worked as a programmer at the company's headquarters in Minneapolis. A number of my college classmates were hired to work there after we graduated, and some of my high school friends have also joined in. While I know Target is the opposite of a "mom and pop," I think supporting a corporation that creates jobs in your own community is a little less of a bummer. I also have always thought Target had better stuff and a nicer experience, which were worth the slightly higher prices.

For these reasons, when I venture over to Wal-Mart, it's a special occasion! I feel like I'm never at Wal-Mart just to pop in a pick up one or two specific things. Instead, I'm there to browse and see what kind of interesting things I can find. Though I think they were a little late to the party, Wal-Mart now also has a dollar spot. So, when Ginny and I went there as part of a marathon shopping trip that lasted well into the evening, we dug around and she noticed these bad boys.
I know this picture is a little bit terrible - sorry about the sucky fluorescent lighting! Tin signs for 97 cents? Yes please! It was very tempting to choose more than one, but I did manage to get myself under control. Here's the winner!
Turn right to play games!

I was able to rest the sign on the tiny lip on the door frame in my office. No nail, no command strip, no problem!
Here's a different view so you can see it in context. The art in the wall is just about impossible to photograph well, since it's a canvas that has some glossy enamel at the top. I especially like the position of the sign here because it points towards the living room, the perfect place to play games! A neat little addition for 97 cents!

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