Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July Book Club

So, the reason I read "The Wilder Life" last week is because I actually selected it as my book club's selection this month. In our book club, we've recently been making plans basically twice a year as to who wants to host in which month. The hostess then gets to select the book and lead the discussion. It's an efficient system! I asked for, and received, this book as a birthday present back in April. I generally prefer to read non-fiction and I thought this would be a good, lighthearted choice. Once I finished reading, I had to get ready to take on my other hosting duties - this means food!

Last winter, I attended a Tastefully Simple party where I bought a mix to make a key lime cheese ball. I figured this would be a perfect summer snack. It was crazy! All I did was mix a white powder with cream cheese and the result was a beautiful green cheese ball.
 I also decided to make the rice krispie treats with peanut butter and chocolate frosting. It was nice not to have to turn the oven on. The way I make them, I get all of the ingredients together first:
Once I start melting the corn syrup, things start moving quickly. I've got to be ready to go! Feeling like I'm on a cooking TV show is just an added bonus.
Finished product. Yum!

I also decided to make a fruit salad. Lovin' the clear bowl to show you my progress!
 And here's an arty shot!

The finishing touch I decided to put on the evening, given the Laura Ingalls Wilder theme, was some old fashioned candy. I've had Claeys' candy before, so I made a special trip to pick some up.
Laura Ingalls Wilder talked about eating Horehound candy during her childhood, so I definitely wanted everyone to have the chance to try it. Here they are on display!
Horehound is dark brown, root beer is light brown and red is anise seed. It was a fun treat!

So, here's the spread:
Historical candy, cheesy chex mix, Hawaiian bread with spinach dip, pre-made puppy chow ("Muddy Buddies, according to Chex), lime cheese ball with mini grahams for dipping, rice krispie treats, and some cookies that one of the guests brought after having bought them during a trip to Hungary. Everyone ate a bunch and I'm definitely ready to call the menu a success!

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