Thursday, July 26, 2012


Not long ago, one of my good friends from grad school developed a passion for Bingo. She's in her mid-twenties, but she collects "dobbers" and loves everything about it. A few weeks ago, I went with her and some other friends to see a show at Mystic Lake Casino (Penn and Teller, for the curious). After the show, we hung around until the Cosmic Bingo session at 11 o'clock. Once before, we went to a different casino where we played bingo in the regular session. We had a good time, but most of the other players took it rather seriously and it was very intimidating. The Cosmic Bingo session, however, was super relaxed. They offered good deals on food, cranked the music, turned off the lights and even had a little break in the bingo for a Guitar Hero competition. With the lights off, our cards were glowing in the black light, which made me realize just how cool the colors were. Rather than trashing the old cards, I folded them up and snuck them into my purse!

Here are the cards, with their neat colors:  

I figured that these might be a nice addition to the Last Wall, especially after the addition of the red chair to my living room. Thinking about the shape of the cards, I figured a square frame would make more sense than a rectangular one. I popped over to Michaels and picked up a 12x12 frame, designed for scrapbook paper, and then a few sheets of scrapbook paper. The coolest part was that, since each one costs only a few cents, I could bring three home and look at them in the space, along with everything else in the space, to decide what would match best. I wound up picking a solid navy blue.

 So, here's the finished product. I added these little metal dots to the corners, which I think look a bit like push pins, though they are actually adhesive.

The 12x12 frame I selected was very, very simple.

I then added it to the wall, along with a couple of other things:
These two were part of a pack of 5 from Ikea. I like their blend of modern and folk elements and, of course, the bright colors. 
 Daisy brought this one back for me from her trip to London. She bought it at the Churchill War Rooms! 

Here are some views of the wall with the addition of these four new pieces: 
I think they're a nice addition and help make the red chair look right at home!

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  1. I love it, so creative! And you have such a knack for arranging things.