Friday, May 4, 2012

Everyday Dress-Up

It's a sad fact of adult life that what I used to consider "dressing up" is now what I wear every day. Maybe some of you love it - looking for beautiful, fancy things to wear each day to work. I'm learning to enjoy it, but when I think of "everyday" clothes, I'm still thinking of t-shirts and jeans. I guess I still have some growing up to do!

Recently, I spotted a co-worker wearing these beautiful bracelets to work. (This coworker, who is about the same age as I am, is one of those girls who loves that we dress up every day now!). I was inspired and took a look at my own bracelet collection to see if there was something dressy and neutral that I could wear with my work clothes that would look nice but not attempt to steal the show. Since I didn't have anything that quite fit the bill, I decided to make something.

I think these two as a set will do the trick. Here are some closer-up shots:
This is the detail on the clasp. I got these a while ago when I spotted them in a clearance bin. What a neat idea to write messages on them! And I like that they're subtle enough that I won't spend the whole day at work answering the question, "What does it say on your bracelet?"
And here's a detail on the beads. The silver beads, which make up the entire elastic bracelet, were really a find. I love the design, make me think of Norwegian folk painting, though they also look like something paisley. What a treat! Now my wrist is ready to get dressed and go to work!

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