Sunday, May 6, 2012

Amenities Everywhere!

I recently read a post over at Apartment Therapy about a tour of a home on a TV show: Tom's apartment from Parks and Recreation. I have only recently begun watching this show on Netflix, and I'm still in the first season. Here's a clip of the tour - sorry that it appears to be someone literally aiming their cell phone at their television set!

A quick run down of the amenities listed: multiple blankets in each room, an entire shelf in the fridge for coconut water, a cheese plate with Adriatic figs that never seems to disappear, the temp set at a constant 80 degrees, unisex cologne and designer eye cream, and a Sudoku book in the bathroom. As Ann explains, there are just amenities everywhere! (For a more complete list of Tom's amenities, you can review the slideshow NBC put together here). Tom's place sounds pretty wonderful to me!

This got me thinking about the "amenities" where I live. To a certain extent, this hit a little close to home because there are some amenities that Tom has, as a joke, that I couldn't live without! These include:
  • Blankets everywhere! I have probably 5 in my living room. 
  • Bath and Body Works hand soap
  • All episodes of Friends, on DVD rather than DVR
As is even present in Ann's comments during the tour, it would be extraordinarily expensive to make sure your home has all of these all of the time. At Apartment Therapy, they also noted that it would be damaging to the environment, particularly when considering the high thermostat setting and the "freshly shower-in bathroom" effect, which is achieved by running hot water for 5 minutes and dumping a bottle of shampoo down the drain once each hour. There are certainly some things I would pick to add to the atmosphere at my place, if neither the cost nor the environment were a concern:
  • Heat constantly set at 70 degrees - it has to be cool to enjoy those snuggly blankets! 
  • Subscriptions to several news, fashion and home design magazines 
  • Self-refilling reed diffusers in delicious scents in every room
  • Fresh flowers for each room, replaced every couple of days
  • A cheese plate and cookie jar that are never empty!
Maybe someday I'll be invited to visit a place with as many amenities as Tom's apartment! And in the meantime, I'll remember that some of these amenities are available on a smaller scale. Just because I can't have fresh flowers in every room all of the time doesn't mean I can't pick up a bunch every once in a while and really enjoy them!

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