Saturday, May 5, 2012

They're back!

I have a love-hate relationship with most yogurt. Sometimes, I really like it. Sometimes, I can't stand the thought of it. But, there's one yogurt I always like: Whips! This yogurt is from Yoplait and has a mousse-like texture so it's nice and light. It's a great sweet treat that makes a good, light, dessert. They sell it in a chocolate flavor, which is good. But, even better is the lime flavor! It reminds me of a lime jello "salad" my mom has been making since I was little that combines lime jello, cottage cheese, whipped cream and pineapple - don't judge me! Recently, I haven't been able to find lime Whips at my usual grocery store (Super Target) or even the ordinary grocery store that is so big it usually has better selection (Cub Foods).

Not long ago, I went to Kowalskis, which is a fancier grocery store right around the corner from my apartment. It's a great place to shop and is a local company, but I don't typically do my shopping there because the selection is pretty limited and the prices are a bit higher. However, I drink a pretty specific brand of coffee which they sell, so I go there every couple of weeks to pick up another bag.

On my most recent visit, I wandered down the dairy aisle and found LIME WHIPS! I enjoyed one just last night!
Hooray! I'm looking forward to enjoying this light citrus taste all summer long!

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