Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Birthday! (Part Three)

After awesome celebrations on Friday and Saturday, I was pretty worn out. But, there was still one day left of this marvelous birthday weekend! On Sunday, April 29, it was also my mom's birthday. Since she had been out of town over the weekend, we arranged to celebrate both of our birthdays together as a family that evening. Since the plan was to get together at my place, I had to spend some serious time cleaning up on Sunday. While this was a little bit of a chore, it was nice to enjoy my place perfectly clean as part of the celebration. I had the chance to look at all of the wonderful cards send by friends and family:

 I even received one very special homemade card this year from my favorite five year old!
I also spent some time on Sunday getting Mom's present ready to go!
I wrapped it up in the cutest wrapping paper I had - with the green card, it looks a little bit preppy, right?

We decided to eat dinner at our favorite restaurant, The Good Earth. After dinner, we came back to my apartment to watch the season finale of our favorite show, The Good Wife. Ahhhh! Cliffhanger!!! We also enjoyed the cupcakes from Cocoa and Fig that were a gift on Friday.

Mom opened up her book and says she's excited to learn more. I hope that's true! I also opened the presents my parents had brought for me:
Two books I really wanted! One about a twenty-something who'd read the Little House series as a kid (sound familiar?) and goes back to visit all of the sites. The other about a fruit and vegetable stand located in my home town that used to be surrounded by farmland and is now surrounded by suburban development. Does this stack make me look like the Midwesterner that I am? Check!

And then there was the big one, the birthday present I really, really wanted! Dream come true!
Yay! A new camera!! As I'm sure you can tell from this blog, this isn't my first digital camera. I got one as a birthday present right around the time I graduated from college in 2006. That camera has been with me through lots of ups and downs and plenty of travel. It has never taken very good pictures indoors. I realized that maybe it would be possible to upgrade when I got a new Android phone for Christmas and noticed how good the pictures it took were. (Most of the pictures on this blog were taken by the Samsung Exhibit II phone, which has performed admirably!) Seeing the difference in quality got me thinking about whether it might be possible to get a digital camera that performed better. I spent quite a bit of time this spring doing research online about what kind of camera would take good indoor pictures and this is the one I picked! I'm so lucky that my parents decided to get it for me! I'm looking forward to taking better photos with it and sharing them on this blog!
All in all, this was a terrific birthday. I couldn't have asked for anything better!

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