Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Shoes

Dear Blog Friends,
   I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to America's Hardest Working shoes.
These are the shoes I have worn to work pretty much ever day for the last two years. I dug them up at the Nordstrom Rack in spring 2010 and they've been constant companions ever since. They're flats and because they're stylish but simple, I think they go with everything. So, in addition to going to work basically every day, they also have been to weddings, showers, and even a bachelorette party! While I wish I could continue to wear these shoes forever, some problems have developed:
Yep. Those are holes everywhere on the bottom of my work shoes. I noticed the holes for the first time a few weeks ago and figured that because they were still comfortable, it wasn't a big deal. But, in the week before last, I was at work and noticed the bottom of my foot was hurting. I stepped out of my shoe and noticed a STAPLE in the bottom of my foot. It wasn't dug in all the way or anything, but I was frightened just the same. One of my coworkers mercifully removed it for me without being squeamish, which I am still thankful for. This was the straw that broke the camel's back.

On Mother's Day weekend, I took some time to go shopping for new shoes (before the knife incident). I wear a size 12, sometimes 12W, so this isn't something I really enjoy because I very rarely find shoes that fit. But, over the years, I have developed a list of standby spots where I know large-sized shoes are available. The top one on my list is the Nordstrom Rack. I went there and found these guys:
These are probably a little less neutral than the ones I had before, because so much of the shoe is silver. I'm hoping it won't be too noticeable, because these shoes have really nice padding that will hopefully give me a comfortable stride for years to come!

A coworker also suggested to me that I could go to Avenue, a plus-sized clothing shop that also sells shoes. While I've never bought clothes there, I decided to go and check out the shoes. The large size selection was impressive and I came away with a few good finds:
These patent loafers will hopefully supplement for everyday dress wear. They have less padding and probably won't be as comfortable, but they are all black. Very shiny!

And these, which were a total impulse buy but only cost about $10!
I should have a chance to wear these wine-colored little flats sometime - if not to work then to a party!

I had planned to throw the old shoes away just as soon as I got the new ones, but my plans were foiled. With my recent foot injury, I've kept wearing the old ones mostly because I know they don't rub the irritated area. But, don't worry - they'll be in the trash soon!

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