Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Storm Cloud Pearls

As is probably obvious by now, I like jewelry made with pearls. There is something about them that's timeless and, even though they're simple, they can easily dress an outfit up more than probably any other kind of jewelry. Sometimes, I'm looking for a slightly more casual look and then colored pearls are just the thing. Recently, I've been dreaming of a metal bead necklace to wear to work. Something that's a matte silver color that will complement my standard black-plus-one-other-color outfits. I recently discovered (glass) pearls that were just the right color. Score!
This is the necklace I made! Here I am using the bead design board to set it up:
You might not be able to tell this from the top picture, but I am actually working with two different sizes of pearls here. They came together on one strand, where they were mixed together one by one. I decided I could work with this by concentrating the larger ones in the front and the smaller ones in the back. The design board made this work out really well!

To the left of the board, you'll also see some earring hardware I bought recently. I had enough extra pearls to make some earrings too. I recently fell in love with leverback earrings! They are wonderful because they do not hurt my ears when I'm talking on the phone, which is something I do all the time at work. Here's the necklace along with the matching earrings:
And, just to show you how awesome this new camera is, here's a close up of the earrings. I know you got the idea from the picture above, but still, this is cool!
The color of these pearls reminds me of that light gray color of clouds just before a storm. Since it is officially summer storm season here in Minnesota, I thought this was a fitting tribute!

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