Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sonic Mints

Not long ago, I had the chance to go to Sonic. Sonic is a pretty recent addition to the landscape here in Minnesota, so every time I get to go, it feels like a treat! I particularly love the Strawberry Cream Slush, which is the perfect combination of an Icee and a Shake. This visit was also my first chance to test out the Sweet Potato Tots, which are a great idea.

But, the best part of my entire Sonic experience was this: the free mint that came in the bag!

 You might think, just by looking at it, that this is simply a standard peppermint. I enjoy the peppermints that you can often find at restaurants on your way out after a meal. While I do think that's a nice touch, sometimes that flavor is a little strong and lingers too long (which is why I'm terrified of Altoids). Imagine my surprise when I began enjoying this little mint and discovered it was actually an after-dinner mint! Also known as "butter mints," these candies dissolve quickly and have a very sweet minty flavor. Thanks for dropping some of these into my bag, Sonic! I'll be back for more!

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