Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Printable Cards

Recently, I was shopping at Target when I stumbled upon some cute notecards on clearance. The cards are from the Gartner Studio company and they are meant to be printed on. YES! I often see cute printables on the internet but, especially without a color printer, can never figure out how I might bring these objects into my life. But, the Gartner company has templates you can download right from their website. I snapped these guys right up:
It's a little bit challenging to figure out just how to configure the template to make sure the text is far enough down the front of the card. Plus, at least on my printer, I have to hold it in place to make sure the text is printed in the center. Here's my first effort! 
I sent this along to my friend, Sunflower, who lives in Colorado. I really wanted to say Bonjour!

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