Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Party Plates

I was just at Target the other day, and I happened upon a display of party ware. I don't use disposable cups and plates very often, because I have enough washable dishes to entertain, and a dishwasher to handle the heavy-lifting when its time to clean up. I do buy festive napkins on different occasions, and I always have some red cocktail napkins on standby for an impromptu gathering. But, with paper plates a cute as these, I just might have to think again:
These would have been perfect for my St. Patrick's Day dinner last weekend - springy patterns in the perfect shade of green!

These are so cute! I like the warm colors and I think the round plates would be sturdier. I particularly like the blooms on the yellow app plate - they remind me of Marimekko's Unikko print.

I like these too - they'd be perfect for a Pinterest-inspired child's birthday party.

And now, my favorite things I saw:

 I haven't really given to much thought to how I'll celebrate my birthday at the end of next month, but these plates and napkins are SO cute, I just might have to party at home. No matter what, I'll keep calm and birthday on!

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