Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hit the Jackpot!

Last weekend, I went to the mall. Though I used to spend a lot of time at the mall in my younger years (given that I live about 15 minutes from both the first mall ever and the biggest mall in the USA), I've gotten out of the habit. But, this time, I went to the mall armed with a Bath and Body Works Coupon. I love their stuff! I like good-smelling bath products and the quality is great for the price. When I go in there with a coupon, it gets dangerous!
This is my first go with each of these scents and I can't wait to try them out. It'll be a good smelling shower for at least the rest of 2012!

I also went to JC Penney for the first time since they re-tooled their image and took on Ellen as a spokesperson. While I know the Ellen piece was the big news in the media, for me, the changing of their pricing structure was huge. I have been a loyal shopper there for a long time - they have good clothes for work. Because of my habit of shopping there, they (used to) constantly send coupons. I scored a lot of SUPER deals over the years when combining coupons and sales. Now they have their "best price" thing, which I don't entirely understand. But, I got a t-shirt for $6, an off-season sparkly sweater for $9, and this sweet little necklace for $4!

I definitely hit the jackpot!

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