Monday, March 19, 2012


As I wrote about last week, I recently did a pretty big project to finish and refresh the decorating in my living room. One part of this involved replacing this lamp:
With this one:
Which meant that I had the red lamp above left over, and I needed to find a new home for it in my apartment. I thought the red shade was looking a little bit tired - I'm pretty sure it has faded during the several years I've had it. Partly because of the color, I didn't feel like it matched the rest of the living room. I also wanted the option of putting it in a different room. So, I went with Ginny to Ikea to see what kind of replacement options were available. Although the store was undergoing renovations and didn't have a lot of selection, they had just the right thing: Skimmra! (Swedish for "shimmer.") At first I was nervous about the off-white color, but now I think it's a great fit.

This lighter colored shade also lets it give off quite a bit more light than the red one did.

And here's that shimmer!

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