Monday, March 12, 2012

The Last Wall

I've lived in my current apartment for just over 2 years. I did a ton of the decorating right away. There were a few pieces and spaces that didn't get set up until later. However, there was one area that had to wait the longest: The Last Wall.

Here's a before shot:

Here's another one, with the light on: 
Because this was my last big decorating project, I had some time to think about what I wanted. I knew I needed a different lamp. The little lamp with the red shade was cute but had been purchased when I was living in my old apartment, where it didn't have so much space to fill. I also was imagining some kind of a gallery look, but with art created by someone else. (I already have a gallery with photos I took). So, I spent November, December, January and most of February gathering all the pieces together.

I was a little unsure about the exact right way to lay out all of the pieces on the wall. My mom has always said that you should trace the frame on newspaper and tape it to the wall so you can see what you're getting. I'd never done it before, but then I saw the same advice on Apartment Therapy. (Note: while I think that hanging at center, 57", as is mentioned in the article is generally the right approach, I did not do that here because of the furniture.)

Here's the wall in "draft" form:
Stay tuned for the big reveal!

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