Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My First Necklace

As has probably been evident, I'm in the process of learning how to make my own jewelry. Shortly after Christmas, 2011, I got a book with lots of different project ideas and explanations of the many basic techniques. I've already made beaded earrings and elasticized bracelets so I decided it was time to conquer the "big one" of jewelry making: crimping. This is the technique necessary to make a beaded necklace, which I knew I wanted to do for a friend as a birthday gift. I hate to give away my practice items, because it stresses me out while I'm working on them, so I figured I'd start with one just for me.

I saw the green beads at Michaels on one of my many trips there and picked them up to make a beaded necklace. I used the red one above as a guide. I wear the dark red beaded necklace all the time, especially to work. It's just the right length to wear with a sweater and I thought it might be nice to branch out to a lighter, cooler color. I got some small spacer beads, mostly to make 16 inches of beads turn into a 21 inch necklace.

Ta da!

So far, so good! Hopefully it doesn't fall apart when I leave the house!

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