Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rosie the Riveter

As you can probably tell, from seeing my home in pictures or in person, I love Rosie the Riveter. She seems to be everywhere around my house, and all I can say in response is, "We Can Do It!" A couple of years ago, I was at the Minnesota History Center, which is our state history museum in St. Paul, when I found a greeting card that was Rosie the Riveter standing up. I bought the card immediately, put it in a closet at home with other projects and storage, and then promptly forgot about it. Recently, I stumbled upon it (after having temporary lost certain pieces of art for the Last Wall) and decided that now was the time to do something with it!

So, I busted out my trusty scrapbooking supplies to see what was available, then headed to Michaels for reinforcements.

And here's the finished product!

Just a note: the frame was actually meant for a CD with album cover. I had to pick one that was meant for that to get the correct shape. I initially was going to throw their specialized mat away, but I kind of liked the white with the rest of what I had going on, so I decided to keep it and cut the mat freehand with an X-acto (yikes).

So, here it is, in position:

And now a broader view of how it fits in with everything else:
I always enjoy little art additions to perk up a room!

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