Friday, March 23, 2012

Lady Mary earrings

Well, I've watched every single episode of Downton Abbey that has aired on PBS in the U.S. I find it completely captivating. I'm not usually drawn to the style of the Crawley family - it's simply not my taste. There has been one exception: beautiful three-bead drop earrings that Lady Mary wears quite often, typically for scenes where the family is enjoying an ordinary dinner.

I spotted something similar at Target a couple of weeks ago, but at that time, I decided to pass. (I'm pretty sure I was making several other impulse purchases that evening.) So, when I ran across these same earrings at a different Target store, while wandering aimlessly before picking up some groceries, I snatched them up.

Here they are:

I'm sure that Lady Mary's earrings are made out of some kind of precious stone; these are clearly plastic, though I don't think you'd be able to tell the difference from a distance. Originally priced at $7.99, I grabbed these guys for only $3.96. Hooray!

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