Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Header!

That's right, the header above is new to Marvelous Minnie! I've wanted a new header pretty much since the day I started the blog. I did quite a bit of online research, which turned up lots of ideas for how to make a header for a blog using a picture and free photo-editing software, like Picasa or Picnik. I did make one with Picasa, though the photo wasn't one that I had taken, and I really wasn't that excited about the colors.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized I didn't really want a photo as the background. I'm not that confident in my photography, and I'm reluctant to use photos taken by other people, especially in the header. (I'm still just learning about blogging etiquette). I attempted to make a header with the generic Paint software that's part of Windows XP. It was okay, but it was very difficult to edit the colors and the text.

Then, I had a great idea! I realized I could use all of the features of Picasa or Picnik to create text, and other images, as long as I had a "photo" that was the background. So, I selected the perfect shade of minty green above in my Paint program and saved it, without any adornment, as a JPEG. I then logged into Picnik, which is a fabulous site, and uploaded that as my "photo." From there, I was able to edit the image to my heart's content. I added two text boxes, each of which allowed me to choose the font, size and color. Also, because Picnik is soon-to-be defunct, I had freebie access to the premium features, including the tree "sticker" above. This text-based header is just what I dreamed of!

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