Monday, February 13, 2012

Ginny's Birthday Party

So, once I had the birthday present ready, it was time to get ready for Ginny's party. Yay! I decided to make things I knew Ginny's kiddos would like, partly because I knew all the grown-ups would love it too. So, we had pizza,

and salad with strawberries, cucumbers, goat cheese, croutons and dressing:
Yum! Everyone loved it! Before we ate dinner, Ginny and the kids opened the presents:

And, of course, no birthday party dinner would be complete without birthday cake. Lucky for us, Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so pink cake was abundant at the bakery. Finished with chocolate and caramel Cow Tracks, this was a perfect treat!

After dinner, the adults hung out around the table while the little ones were up to their usual mischief -
Little Miss I watched TV, while her brother, Little Mr. O was apparently worried about hot pans?

It was a great party!

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