Thursday, February 9, 2012

2010 Bracelet

While these days I have a regular job in an office, I have spent many a summer working as a camp counselor. Summer Camp is great! In fact, I enjoy it so much that I remain close with many friends I made from camp and have even had the chance to go back and visit in recent summers. One tradition that I particularly enjoy involves beads. It's long been custom at camp that counselors get a bunch of matching beads and give one to every kid in the cabin. It helps build camaraderie and is a symbol of the counselor's personality. It can be difficult to pick out just the right bead to give. You have to have the beads before you've met the kids, so there's some doubt about whether they're the right fit no matter what. Plus, the bead has to fit comfortably on the plastic lacing the kids use for their name tags, which is where the bead has to hang. In 2010, I decided to use actual "jewelry" beads, rather than kids craft making beads. I found these gorgeous beads!

Yay - TEAL beads!! So exciting. I knew these wooden beads would fit comfortably on the plastic lacing. I happily gave them out in 2010, but I had a bunch left over. For a long time, I've imagined that I would turn them into some kind of a bracelet so I could keep my camp memories discreetly close to my heart. It look me a long time to find just the right beads, but I finally did! Here's the end result!

Couldn't be happier! Love the teal and red together. I'll wear this one with tons of pride!

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