Tuesday, February 7, 2012


As I'm sure is no surprise, I love Michaels! If you make crafts, you've got to love craft stores. I spend too much time, and of course, too much money, at Michaels and Joanns getting supplies. However, while I was initially brought in by the crafts, I also really enjoy the home decor.

I'm really not much of a seasonal decorator. I get a little bit fatalistic about putting up holiday decorations, only to know I'll be taking them down again soon. That said, the colors that I've used in decorating my home are "in season" basically through Spring and Summer. So, when these seasons are upon us, I'm always looking for neat little touches I can add. I was at Michaels recently and found some great stuff!

On the left, you'll see a lovely little monogrammed tag. I got one with my (real) first initial on it. I love the glitter and the pink will look great in my bedroom or master bathroom. On the right, you'll see a set of three little connected vases. I just love this teal color - it's the perfect accent to the red and dark blue that predominate in my living room. These were both total impulse purchases, as I was definitely at Michaels looking for yarn, but I couldn't be happier. I'm always excited to freshen my place up a bit, especially at the start of a new year!

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