Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm in love...

... because I just found the right shade of nail polish! When I was growing up, I very rarely painted my nails. When I was in graduate school, I decided I wanted my toenails to be cherry red all year long. So, they were. But, I ultimately gave up on this when I was visiting my cousin in Tucson in the summer of 2009 and she took me to get a pedicure. I had never had one before, and I picked out sort of a pale pink color to try something different. After that, I was hooked and spent about 2 years trotting in for another pedicure every 6 to 8 weeks (with a clip at home in between to remain manageable). The trouble was, it can get expensive, and if you have sensitive spots or other problems with your feet, it can be hard to explain exactly how your feet need to be taken care of each time you see a new nail tech. I suppose I could have decided to become a more loyal customer, but the last thing I need is another appointment in my schedule. So, I decided to go simple and do my own nails at home.
  I've been looking for just the right shade of pink. My skin is very, very fair and I was nervous about something with a "peach" undertone. I love using quick dry nail polish, especially on my feet, and I've recently tried out a few different choices in the New York Color quick dry formula (which costs less than $2 a bottle). The winner? Uptown!

Love it!

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