Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The White Necklace

Today is the birthday of one of the other women on my three-person team. We don't typically exchange store-bought presents, though we often make gifts for one another. (She and I like to go to craft stores, or the craft aisle at the Wal-Mart across the street from out office, when we have extra time on our lunch breaks). Our other co-worker had her birthday in January, and she was the first person to whom I'd given a piece of jewelry I'd made. I wanted to take this opportunity to make something!
I actually got the supplies for this as a kit at Michaels. I knew I wanted something that was a pendant for her, but I had a lot of trouble picking out a pendant I really liked. I was having so much trouble, I actually was keeping track for a few days of what color outfits she was wearing to try to help me narrow it down. Ultimately, it didn't work. I saw this white one and I knew it! All I added were the findings (beading wire, clasp, extender chain), along with some miniature pearls that were on their own string. I spent some time putting this together and I really hope she likes it!

Here's a shot of the work in progress. I've never done a double strand before, but this one went pretty well, especially after I got those extra strands out of the way with a bag clip!

Here it is with the matching earrings!
I hope she likes it! I'm nervous that it's too long, or too short, or too loud, or not loud enough, or that it will just break apart in the box. The good news is that, since I made it, I can actually probably handle any one of those problems. Maybe I'll take my jewelry making tools to the office, just in case!

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