Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I recently discovered Sashay yarn.

Looking at the skein, it looks a little like fabric tape. But, the model in the picture above is wearing a ruffled scarf. I always wondered if you could make one like that with knitting and it turns out you can! I used the pattern put out by the company that makes the yarn, Red Heart. The pattern also links to a video that I found super helpful. Once you get the hang of it, which takes a couple of rows, knitting with this is barely more difficult than knitting with regular yarn. No fancy stitches required - not even purling! I highly recommend it. Plus, these are the results!

I think the pattern tells us the "narrow" scarf (which is six stitches across) will be 60" long. I think mine appears to be that length. The only tricky part for me was the ends, which the pattern recommends be "stitched" with a sewing needle and thread. I don't have those supplies, nor would I have any idea how to approach that, so I outsourced it to the sewer-in-chief in my family, Mom.

This is another shot of the scarf in the color called Salsa.

I also made one in the color called Tango, which was the skein pictured in the first photo.

And here's a shot of the two together:
These were such a neat and easy project. No wonder the craft stores seem to be having trouble keeping this yarn in stock!

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