Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Fabulous Jewelry Wall

So, as you may have seen, I've been getting more into long necklaces lately. I've had a little difficulty figuring out where to store them. For several years now, I've stored my jewelry on a necktie rack I purchased for this purpose, and it's mounted on the wall above a towel rack in my master bathroom at the perfect height for all necklaces that are 20" or shorter. So, with my long necklaces, I'd been doubling them up. This "solution" was a loser for two reasons: the doubled up necklaces took up tons of space on the tie rack, and the doubled up necklaces got so terribly tangled up, it was difficult to wear them.

Enter some mini command hooks as a solution!  I had this little bit of wall between my bathroom and closet where I figured these necklaces could hang, out of the way, and not become tangled. I added a couple of pieces of decor.
I recently made a trip to Hallmark where I picked up this adorable greeting card. That's also where I found the silver-tone word "Fabulous." It was meant to be a gift tag, probably left over from Christmas, so I got an awesome deal! The frame that I used for the card used to hold one of two pictures of me with my parents at my cousin's wedding. It wasn't really working, so stay tuned for an update on the new home for those!
Here's another view of it. The solid white on the right edge is my (icky) white painted wood sliding closet door. I think this photo gives an idea of just how narrow this wall is. My master bathroom is to the left.
And one parting shot from the bottom up. As the space is configured right now, it should hold 8 long necklaces, though I think I'll be able to add more hooks, and/or reposition the current ones, if I ever need more room!

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