Tuesday, April 10, 2012

For Love 21

I know this isn't the first time I've posted about an awesome visit to For Love 21. I just can't resist! I was at the one at MOA recently and here are the great things I found!

These two charming pairs of socks. Preppy dreams come true on the left, work-appropriate boring gray on the right.
 This cool double-stranded long necklace, featuring teal-blue jewels. I love it and couldn't even wait to make this posting before wearing it to work!

This is a close-up on the blue jewels that hang along the necklace. They're the perfect shade of teal, which is why I simply couldn't leave without it!
Then there's this necklace, which was the absolute coup of the trip. I know it doesn't look like much when zoomed all the way out...
But this is what it looks like up close! This was the only one they had in the entire store. I adore it. It's lightweight and very simple, so it goes with any outfit where gold jewelry is appropriate. I also am into the fact that it looks kind of like a monogram, but didn't carry the steep price that comes with a personalized necklace.

For all of the loveliness above, the total bill came in at just under $13.00. Awesome!

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