Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend included both highs and lows. It started with a low: TAXES!
Yikes! I spent a couple of hours at the computer on Saturday afternoon going through all the records and filling everything out. Thankfully, it was simpler than it has been in years past - no new job, no Kansas taxes, nothing weird. Glad that's over.

Then, I got to do a little shopping! I had the chance to hit up two of my faves:

Marshall's, where I found this darling plate...
which I am using for my perfume bottles!
 And my other fave, Michaels, where I found these fun note cards!

Then, finally, it was time for the weekend's main event: The Hunger Games!

I went with two friends from my book club - Daisy and Magnolia, along with Magnolia's husband, Larch. We went to the site of the South Metro's best matinee movie deal.
Afterwards, we went to dinner at the mall and debriefed the movie and a very public April Fools prank, then called it a night after a whirlwind weekend!

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