Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cherish frame

As I mentioned here, I had two photos of me with my parents at my cousin's wedding hanging on the wall in my bedroom. Though I'd worked at hard at picking out frames and mats that suited them, I was never quite satisfied with the look. I decided to do something different and realized that what I really wanted was a double frame.

Initially, I planned to get a white double frame and paint it a light green. When I realized I wouldn't be able to find a cheap, double white frame, I began to think about this one:
This warm wood with red tones is just about a perfect match for my dresser, and it was always my intention to hang this frame just above the dresser. I knew I wanted to dress it up a little bit, so it was time to get creative.

The little metal word, which reads "Cherish" was the inspiration. I've had that little piece of metal hanging around for ages, as it came with a frame I got around the time I graduated from college. It didn't work on that frame but I figured it would work on this one. I then hit up the scrapbooking section where I found these pink flowers with rhinestones in the middle. The pen-tip bottle of Tacky Glue rounded out the supply list for this project.

Next, I centered the word in the middle of the cross bar and then scattered the flowers in the corners. Ta da!
I didn't realize until I put the pictures in the frame just how lucky I was that the light green paint idea didn't work out. All of us are dressed in warm colors, and I think this warm wood shade is much more flattering than a minty green would have been.

Here's a shot of the frame in its new home!
I think it works. A perfect place for pictures of my family!

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