Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sunday Sundaes

I usually spend Sundays with my parents - the people I'm referring to when I say I'm spending time with "my family." Recently, I had the chance to spend a Sunday evening with Harry, Ginny and their three little kiddos: Miss I, who is 5 years old and in Kindergarten, Mr. O who recently turned 3, and Miss M., who will turn 1 just before Christmas. One special tradition that they have in their family is called Sunday Sundaes, and its just as awesome as it sounds!

Here's my sundae glass... with Miss M.'s hand in the foreground...

 The tiny people are getting excited! It's almost as fun to watch them get excited as it is to actually eat the sundae. Almost.
 Here's my sundae: a little vanilla ice cream on the bottom, with lots and lots of mint chocolate chip on the top. Yum!
 Here's the finished product: it features hot fudge, marshmallow liquid topping, and sprinkles!

What did we do after enjoying some ice cream? We played Hungry Hungry Hippos!
This is actually a game I've never played before, but I LOVED it! First of all, it's fun to just keep smacking the lever on the hippo's back over and over and over again. (In our group, this was accompanied by lots and lots of yelling, which made it even more fun). And, more importantly, it's not the kind of game you can really develop "skill" at. So, usually Little Mr. O, the youngest player in the game, prevailed or came close. The adults didn't have to let him win, and that made it more fun for everyone. We all tried our best, and both of the kids did really well! Do you like these action shots?
 Yep, these tiny people kicked butt with the hippos! It was a great Sunday night enjoying another family's traditions! Looking forward to doing it again!

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