Thursday, October 11, 2012

FD: Study

Next up on the tour of the treehouse apartment: the study! One of the most important features I was looking for when I moved out of my grad school apartment was a space like this: a place to keep my computer, my books, and craft supplies so that they could be organized, neat and out of the way. My study has definitely done this job!
I could have chosen a different apartment in this same building that had a larger second bedroom, and having that extra space probably would have been nice. Here's the view from the hallway:
 This room is definitely pretty busy - and practically overflowing with craft supplies!

 Here is a view of the closet - the doors, anyway. The closet itself is filled with stuff! Sometimes I let myself believe that all those baskets of craft supplies are well organized. Seeing them in pictures, though, reminds me that they only appear organized to me. To anyone else, it's a jumble!

 Here are my bookcases, as well as a view back towards the door and hallway. This is where I keep all of my extra bags and purses.
 And here's a shot of the other bookcase, printer and file cabinet. Another area that feels more organized than it looks...
And finally, a close-up on the desk, which is more of the same theme. I'm comfortable working at the desk - which used to be the dining room table in my first apartment - but it looks pretty messy. I certainly use this room as a pressure valve to keep the other rooms in better shape. But, looking at these photos reminds me of how easily that can turn into a big mess. Hopefully my goal in the New Year can be to shape it up in here!

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