Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The $2 spot

We all know Target's Dollar Spot. Those of you who have been reading around here know that, as much as I love the Dollar Spot, I love the $2 spot at Michaels even more. I guess that's not actually what it's called, but whatever. Cute stuff, interesting patterns, low prices... how could that add up to something bad?
Like, check out these graphic coffee mugs. I'm sorry the pictures is terrible - they're monogrammed. Which one is better - the flowers or the polka dots? How about both! 

It's not just mugs, though... it's the whole collection! 

I think this ceramic mug might be even better, because the font is so charming. 

But, I have to admit, the pink one is even more adorable! 

This whole display just made me smile. Pink and green? A whole set? Count me in!!! Yay for Michaels $2 spot! 

Post script: for those wondering, my pocketbook and I made it out of Michaels unscathed. Especially since I didn't see anything cute bearing my monogram, I was able to resist... for now! 

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