Monday, November 25, 2013


I know many of you might have read last week about my adventures at Charming Charlie - where I spent money on stuff I really didn't need, especially in the jewelry-and-scarves category. Well, I had some more shopping adventures, and I just can't wait to show this stuff off! 

I acquired my first infinity scarf to add to my collection. They also had it in black and teal, either of which probably would have matched more of my wardrobe, but I really wanted to add something in the red family. 

And I also snagged this one - I think it's so traditional and classic, but the bright blue color makes it feel a little less granny. 

I also nabbed these earrings. While they have a fishhook back, which means it will be very unusual for me to wear them to work, they're so neutral I think they'll match just about anything. 

These guys, lever-backed, are definitely going into the work rotation. I know you can tell from this super close-up that they aren't perfectly made. I'm hoping it will be less noticeable from a more normal distance. 

Then I came upon this pair of chandelier earrings. I don't have many chandelier-type earrings, though I was excited to give these a try partly because of their lever-back. 

And finally, I decided to add these to my collection. I know they look just like the pink ones, and for a moment, I was tempted to go with the pink ones and skip these. And then I reminded myself that they match all my blue clothes (this means most of my closet) and they're silver, which has long been my preferred metal. I had to do it! 

Here's the best part: I scored all this stuff on a late night run to JoAnn's and Walmart with Ginny. Total: $17.87 plus tax of about $1.30. The jewelry was all on super duper clearance. Ginny and I were browsing as usual when we had to take a restroom break. Right near the restroom, there were a couple of bins full of clearance including all of these earrings! The first two pairs of (smaller) earrings were $.97 each, while the second two were $1.97 each. The nice cashier lady reminded me that, as clearance items, these dirt-cheap earrings couldn't be returned. I considered reminding her that it wouldn't be worth the gas to drive back to JoAnn to rid myself of these earrings if, for some reason, I eventually decided that I hated them. And then I remembered that I'll be going back to JoAnn again soon enough to get something. So, instead, I just smiled. And with that, Ginny and I closed down JoAnn. Seriously. The manager was waiting and locked the door as we walked out. Nice. 

We then headed across the street to what Ginny's son, Mr. O, refers to as "The Walnut." The scarves were "full price" at Walmart - $6.99 for the red one and $5 for the blue. The blue one actually smells a little bit odd, but so far I've loved wearing the red one. Somehow, it's especially comfortable. In fact, I've been tempted to return to snag one of the other colors. Our trip to Walmart was also exciting because Ginny made a very special purchase. She has wanted a sewing machine for a long time and finally, she was ready to buy one - and we picked it up that evening at Walmart. Yay! It was an evening full of discount-shopping fun! 

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