Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Charming Charlie

About a week ago, I made an excursion to Charming Charlie. I had last Monday off work in observance of Veterans' Day. I had heard of Charming Charlie, but it wasn't a place I'd ever been before. The nearest one to me is at the West End in St. Louis Park. It's a little complicated to get there, and the whole mall is a bit overwhelming because it seems to be trying so hard to be fancy. I was a little intimidated, but I decided to go for it - a Monday afternoon that just happens to be a government-only holiday? Sure thing. 

Here it is! There were a few other patrons in the shop, and the staff were helpful but not pushy, so I had a really nice experience. I wandered around - for like an hour! I think I saw everything, but there was plenty of clearance, which suggests to me that there's plenty of turnover. I'll definitely be back. 

 But, before I go back, I've got to show off the fun stuff I decided to buy while I was there! Total, I spent about $35, which is kind of a lot in my opinion. But, a few of the things I chose were on clearance, so I think I actually got a pretty good deal.

 All the jewelry was wrapped in Charming Charlie tissue paper. I think this is a nice touch - obviously, its another little bit of marketing. More importantly, though, it prevents stuff from getting tangled together.
 I found this scarf! You guys know I have a problem with scarves, turquoise and red are my favorite colors, and I wear black to work almost every day. The moment I saw this, I shoved it directly into my basket!
 I also found this sweet little necklace, buried on the clearance rack. Since I wear glasses on my face already, I'm not sure whether I'll have a ton of use for it. But I've regretted for a long time not buying the Kate Spade-reminiscent glasses necklace at Forever 21 two years ago... this was my chance to redeem myself!

 These earrings were also in the Kate-inspired category, and they were a total must! In my budget, paying $8 for three pairs of stud earrings is a bit of a stretch, but I had to go for it. Are those little blue ones actually from Tiffany? I'll never tell (in person, apparently).

 I also stumbled upon this long, doubled tortoiseshell number. It was seriously hard to photograph. All I can really add is that the gold is nice and light in tone, not brassy at all. I don't have anything else tortoiseshell, and its quite unusual that I wear brown. I'm a little curious about whether I'll find much occasion to wear it, but I decided it was worth a try.

And the grand finale: this multi-strand silver toned number. It seems like nearly every morning, when I'm getting ready to go to work, I'm thinking that I want to wear a more dramatic necklace. I guess I could try to get one in every color of the rainbow to match whatever I've got on, but that dream is a looong way off. The closest thing I've had has been a set of pearls and my white bead necklace. I was looking to branch out, and I think I'm found! While I wasn't that excited about the earrings, and I don't think I would wear the set all at the same time, they're a nice little bonus. 

Alright, that's the treasure trove from this outing. I joined the mailing list and got a $10 off $50 purchase coupon by email. Anyone want to go with me? 

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