Friday, November 8, 2013


Do you think this post might be about something else? NOPE. It's about me, taking care of plants! Those of you who don't know me in real life might think, especially because I describe my friends as a garden and call them all by plant nicknames here on the blog, that I'm a gardener. Not even close! Today, Daisy is leaving Minnesota for a trip-of-a-lifetime to Japan in honor of her upcoming 30th birthday. Daisy asked me to take care of her herbs while she's away, and I said sure!

On Tuesday night, I dropped by Daisy's and picked up this box of 5 herbal plants. I then went to my polling place - yay voting! I cast my ballot in the historic Minneapolis mayor's race, our first chance to do ranked choice voting. Once these 5 plants were in my apartment, I had a total of 5 plants in my apartment. Back in April, I received a really pretty emerald green orchid for my birthday. I called it the Dorkid - I planned to tell you guys about it, and about how I took good care of it. And then it died. And then I tossed it down the trash chute, pot and all.

I got the plants all settled in when we got home. In the living room, the two basil plants are on the right. I'm pretty sure the little one on the left is sage. I'm a little nervous about these plants not making it to Daisy's return. Daisy pointed out that, if I didn't take care of them, they wouldn't have any chance at all. I appreciate that she set the bar kind of low! I'll try to keep all of them alive, even the mysterious little one, no matter what!

And here we have thyme and the teeny one is lavender.

Once the plants were all settled, we had a normal evening watching TV on HuluPlus! The other excitement was that the early evening's mist turned into snow!

The plants had a particularly nice view of the season's first snow fall!

Snowfall like this is my very favorite - it doesn't stick to pavement, so no plowing or shoveling is necessary!

So here they are on Thursday morning. Despite what was probably some over-watering on Wednesday, the plants were still alive after having been in my care for 36 hours.

I hope the plants can hang in there for another 3 weeks!

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