Thursday, March 28, 2013


On a goofy lunch break recently, I went shopping with my co-workers. Near our office, there's a fancy drug store which has a lot of nice stuff. It's great for browsing, but kind of out of reach for regular shopping. The good news is that they also have some good clearance. That's where I dug this up!

It's too bad you can't see it in person. Because this is pretty darn cool, the picture doesn't do it justice. This is a watch that is a SLAP BRACELET! AHHHHHH!!!

It's a rubberized texture, I don't love wearing watches anyways, and it's not exactly professional attire. There are lots of reasons I considered not buying this little gem. Then there was the big reason. I didn't think it would work. I know its hard to tell, but there aren't any buttons anywhere on the face. There was a display of watches, and none of them were ticking. I have to admit, it raised the question in my mind as to whether this shop was trying to ditch them because they were broken.

I decided to go for it anyways (see: goofy lunch described above). After all, it was $2.36! And then I got it back to my desk and started looking at it more carefully. The entire face and mechanism unit can be removed from the rubbery bracelet coating. And then you'll see this:
 It's not nearly this big in real life - it's the little plastic guard that keeps the button from being pushed in and making the mechanism go. As soon as I pulled it off, the little watch started ticking away!

Ta - da! My new super cheap, keeps-good-time, unprofessional looking, child-of-the-early-90s- watch!

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