Monday, March 25, 2013


This weekend was pretty exciting! Well, okay, not really. I had the chance to work on a big project that had been weighing on my mind for quite a while...

I'm so lucky to live in an apartment with a separate bedroom that I use as a study.
But, here's the deal: I've been using this room as sort of a "staging area" for my life for the past few months. It was the place where I packed and unpacked my bags before going to my parents' to stay overnight for a total of four times during the months of November and December. I also put Christmas presents in here when I bought them, and when I received them, so I wouldn't have to actually be responsible for putting anything away.

Yeah, here's another shot of the terrible. Usually, when I have company, I clean this room in addition to all of the other ones, just as a way of keeping up. When I had friends over during the holiday season, I was feeling crummy enough that I took the cheap way out: I just shut the door. Friends, this is what was hiding behind that closed door. Worse than you imagined, right? I had to do something serious to get this room under control!

 After some hard work last weekend picking up all of the crap on the floor, and then some more hard work this weekend filing all of the papers that haven't been taken care of sometime in the summer. Geez...
 Do you find this room inspiring? The picture of organization? I definitely don't. I have lots of ideas for how the room might look if I can dedicate some more time to really organizing it. But, it took me such a long time to actually get the picking up done, I couldn't stop myself from sharing this with you. I feel like usually we see "before" and "after" on the internet. This post is "before" and "during," because there is definitely more to come!

 Look, my desk is ready for me to sit down and write some blog posts, pay bills, do whatever! The last time I did that was before Halloween!

So, what was the reward for this hard work? Something pretty special!
Why yes, that's correct, I sat down at my desk and did my taxes! It was boring, but its over and now all I have to do is mail them off and keep my fingers crossed that there aren't any problems! Now, I have a livable second bedroom and a load off my mind! What a weekend!

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