Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Elevator Service

As you might already know, I live on the third floor of a large apartment building.  We received word a few weeks ago that the one elevator in our building was to be replaced. I had visions of the Big Bang Theory in my head...

But, unfortunately for me, the actual result is much less dramatic.
And what does that tiny little white sign say?
Oh yeah. No police tape here...

Why am I writing about this on my blog? Believe me, I wasn't originally planning to. However, the most recent word is that the elevator will be out of service for the next four or five WEEKS! There are lots of elderly people who live in my building, and I think for them, this is going to be pretty difficult. Apparently, the building manager is set up to bring mail and other deliveries to these people, because many of them can't really take the stairs. But, no number of mail deliveries during this period would make me feel good about being trapped in my apartment.

For me, this is actually a great thing. I've always used both the elevator and the stairs.I usually rely on the elevator when I'm carrying something clumsy, so I make sure I don't trip and fall. Starting back in September, when I came back from the hospital, I've been kind of lazy on pushing myself to take the stairs. Sure, there have been times when its better for my health not to walk up 3 flights of stairs from my parking space in the basement garage. But, it's also been a really easy excuse not to even try! So, this is a great kick in the pants to make me do it, no matter how tired I am or how easy it would be to justify riding in the elevator. As part of my drive to eat healthier, I'm also trying to be more active. For the next 4-5 weeks, I've got no choice!

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